Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Let me stick my needles in, and let me hurt you again

Since I was bitching about work last time I've actually got interesting news this time. There could be some very exciting changes about to occur at work. Some of my long running problems could be resolved with the imminent departure of one resident thorn in my side aka fucktardassclown. I've heard that the new boss wants him gone, no second [well more like third] chances, no chance to prove himself - gone. Fuckin fantastic as that means I can absorb his staff and take on his role and amalgamate it with my team and fuckin streamline a whooooole shitload of processes. I'm going to put together a role proposal just incase fucktardassclown leaves. Just puts another notch on my scoreboard if I'm prepared with a proposal on how the whole shebang can be amalgamated and streamlined. I'm actually quite excited about the prospect and chuckling mercilessly to myself at fucktardassclown getting the boot. AND I managed to piss off another condescending, ignorant fucktard via the new boss so cue more chuckling because he's blaming the boss not me HAHA sucked in!

Had my nails done today and naturally they're looking fab. Two things bothering me though... okay make that three. Firstly for the last two appointments my nails girly has been chewing gum and normally I don't have a problem with that if it's discreet [if that's the right word for it] but the last two times she's been smacking and munching that gum like there's no tomorrow. Fuckin annoying! And the same irritating music that they've got on in the background has been now playing for the last 3 months... I'm surprised that she's not totally bonkers by now! [or maybe she is hence the gum mastication]. And the third is just a pet peeve in general, her mobile rang half way through the appointment and she excused herself to answer it and that's cool, if it was an emergency... but it wasn't and left me there for 5 mins. I just think it's unprofessional. At least she went out the back to talk instead of sitting there in front of me [I could still hear her though] but in a client service industry I just think that's wrong. The fact that she did it to me last appointment too is what gives me the shits. But hey, I'm building a bridge and I'm over it.

Am having a semi argument with Roger. I've been a bit terse with him lately, mainly due to the fact that he has this uncanny knack of coming for a social chat when I'm VERY busy so I've been a bit abrupt but figuring the friendly nature of our relationship that he could take a bit of shit. So he pipped me about it today so I apologised because basically it is my bad for taking my shit out on him and it's my problem not his. His reply was one massive guilt trip. I didn't think he'd be so damned petulant about it. Fuck I'm apologising for being a bitch [a rare occurance in itself] and he's gonna get all trippy on me. Fuck you and your high horse.

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