Tuesday, May 30, 2006

so come sit by the fire, and play a while

Long time no blog. I've been working some crazy hours since the new boss has arrived. As I said before, things are really insecure at the moment. I feel a little more secure in my position but things are pretty turbulent at the moment. If I hear the big boss say "This is how we did it in my old organisation" one more time I'm going to scream. I don't give a fuck you you did it in your old workplace, welcome to hell - this is how we do it here. He's put a lot of people offside and had told me that he plans to make some big changes to the section. I just think that he needs to be VERY careful in how he goes about it because the folks in my section do not take to change very well at all and see it as a threat to themselves and their position. Some of it I welcome with open arms. It's nice to see some of my long running issues validated by a fresh persective. But he needs to be careful in how he deals with it all. My wicked side hopes that certain people will get the sack but I doubt it. I'll be keeping my fingers firmly x-ed though, you can count on that.

I sortof semi have a date with Ollie. We've got a group outing planned which he and I have organised. Group date I like cuz it's less pressure. My best mate set me a deadline of the end of the month to ask him out, [and I found out that he's not leaving at the end of June - thank dog] and I beat my deadline. I've had some really nice little conversations with him lately but today I'm feeling a little negative and down so you're in luck, no gushiness.

discovered a new shot - 747 - oh my head....

I'm housesitting for my Dad while he's jaunting around the country for the next two months.. mmm glorious broadband for two whole months. And y'know I'm quite proud of myself.... within 4 days of using his broadband I've racked up approx 800MB worth of downloads! heheh thank fuck his billing period is over soon and then I get a fresh load of MB allowance to play with. Considering that he has a 750MB account and has never gone over 200MB, I've pushed it to the limits. [and happy to pay the overflow] BitComet, I love you!

Gotta go and catch up on all the news in bloggerland. Haven't even had time to read blogs let alone update my own so I apologise for that folks.

Top 3:
1 - 747s, need I say more
2 - music, A Perfect Circle to be more precise, been in a bit of a Tool/APC glut recently.
3 - coming home. Ain't nothin like walkin in the door after a long day, flopping on the couch and sighing contentedly.
4 - yep 4... Sonic [the cd burner not hedgehog] discovered that my copy of Sonic converts any sort of music format, mp3, wma or wav etc to cda. Nerdy but fuck I love it for making cds! yay Sonic

Now playing: Muse - Showbiz
Now reading: Golden Fox - Wilbur Smith


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