Wednesday, May 17, 2006

and so it starts...

Well the big boss has been on board for three days now and is already causing tension within the section. My worst nightmares have been realised in that he wants to change things just because. Or because that's how he did it in his old workplace. Not because it would benefit the organisation or improve current processes... oh no. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for change but change for a good reason, not just because. My little boss isn't happy and if she leaves and the big boss continues in his current vein then I'm looking for another job. I'm not having a repeat of fk. It's funny that it's almost a year ago that he left. Things have been so good since he left and now I feel really insecure again. Insecure isn't really the word but I don't think that unstable describes it well either. Unsettled, nervous, uncertain, all that sort of stuff. It's only early days so I'm going to give him time to settle in and all that but I would have thought that he'd give himself a little bit of time to get the lay of the land before going gungho. I think we're in for an interesting ride...

I was looking for a unique gift for a special friend and stumbled upon this:
Style Cufflinks

If you want a very cool pair of cufflinks then go to this site. They've got some great stuff. I've ordered these as my friend is a firey [and does actually wear cufflinks btw]

Haven't given you a top 3 in a while
1. Vodka
2. cinnamon vodka
3. lemon flavoured mineral water

feel the cynacism folks ahhhhh


Anonymous kate said...

DOntcha hate that?

May 21, 2006 2:52 am  

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