Tuesday, May 30, 2006

so come sit by the fire, and play a while

Long time no blog. I've been working some crazy hours since the new boss has arrived. As I said before, things are really insecure at the moment. I feel a little more secure in my position but things are pretty turbulent at the moment. If I hear the big boss say "This is how we did it in my old organisation" one more time I'm going to scream. I don't give a fuck you you did it in your old workplace, welcome to hell - this is how we do it here. He's put a lot of people offside and had told me that he plans to make some big changes to the section. I just think that he needs to be VERY careful in how he goes about it because the folks in my section do not take to change very well at all and see it as a threat to themselves and their position. Some of it I welcome with open arms. It's nice to see some of my long running issues validated by a fresh persective. But he needs to be careful in how he deals with it all. My wicked side hopes that certain people will get the sack but I doubt it. I'll be keeping my fingers firmly x-ed though, you can count on that.

I sortof semi have a date with Ollie. We've got a group outing planned which he and I have organised. Group date I like cuz it's less pressure. My best mate set me a deadline of the end of the month to ask him out, [and I found out that he's not leaving at the end of June - thank dog] and I beat my deadline. I've had some really nice little conversations with him lately but today I'm feeling a little negative and down so you're in luck, no gushiness.

discovered a new shot - 747 - oh my head....

I'm housesitting for my Dad while he's jaunting around the country for the next two months.. mmm glorious broadband for two whole months. And y'know I'm quite proud of myself.... within 4 days of using his broadband I've racked up approx 800MB worth of downloads! heheh thank fuck his billing period is over soon and then I get a fresh load of MB allowance to play with. Considering that he has a 750MB account and has never gone over 200MB, I've pushed it to the limits. [and happy to pay the overflow] BitComet, I love you!

Gotta go and catch up on all the news in bloggerland. Haven't even had time to read blogs let alone update my own so I apologise for that folks.

Top 3:
1 - 747s, need I say more
2 - music, A Perfect Circle to be more precise, been in a bit of a Tool/APC glut recently.
3 - coming home. Ain't nothin like walkin in the door after a long day, flopping on the couch and sighing contentedly.
4 - yep 4... Sonic [the cd burner not hedgehog] discovered that my copy of Sonic converts any sort of music format, mp3, wma or wav etc to cda. Nerdy but fuck I love it for making cds! yay Sonic

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

and so it starts...

Well the big boss has been on board for three days now and is already causing tension within the section. My worst nightmares have been realised in that he wants to change things just because. Or because that's how he did it in his old workplace. Not because it would benefit the organisation or improve current processes... oh no. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for change but change for a good reason, not just because. My little boss isn't happy and if she leaves and the big boss continues in his current vein then I'm looking for another job. I'm not having a repeat of fk. It's funny that it's almost a year ago that he left. Things have been so good since he left and now I feel really insecure again. Insecure isn't really the word but I don't think that unstable describes it well either. Unsettled, nervous, uncertain, all that sort of stuff. It's only early days so I'm going to give him time to settle in and all that but I would have thought that he'd give himself a little bit of time to get the lay of the land before going gungho. I think we're in for an interesting ride...

I was looking for a unique gift for a special friend and stumbled upon this:
Style Cufflinks

If you want a very cool pair of cufflinks then go to this site. They've got some great stuff. I've ordered these as my friend is a firey [and does actually wear cufflinks btw]

Haven't given you a top 3 in a while
1. Vodka
2. cinnamon vodka
3. lemon flavoured mineral water

feel the cynacism folks ahhhhh

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

send me money, send me money now

I've found what I need to quell my deserted island fantasy - this

Friday, May 12, 2006

still shackled to the shadow

Another hell week. I have underestimated and overestimated myself this week and have come out feeling... well, meh. I'm not going to piss and moan today [don't all drop dead of surprise at once] so that's all I'm going to say on the topic. Ok ok indulge me for just a second more. Highlights of the week - sitting through a 3 hour budget estimates meeting [snore] and [actual highlight] realising that in 1 month I will be in a new tax bracket. Yay boast boast yay!

My new big boss is now on board... I'm sure you'll be hearing all about it over the next couple of weeks.

On the upside I've been working on a cd project called "Car Tunes - songs to drive by" which is a 4 cd set which comes in Rocky 1 & 2 [The Rematch Of The Century], Boppy and Mellow flavourings. So pleased with it and Ollie will soon be an eager recipient [almost managed not to mention him teehee]. And during the process I've rediscovered some old music that I just love. Currently listening to Stone Temple Pilots old stuff. So neato bandito.

2 weeks til the girlies convene at my house for an all out piss up. In the works so far - snakes and ladders shots game, card drinking games and a little bit more drinking just for fun. Can't wait!

And just quietly it was my blog anniversary a couple of days ago. Can you believe that I've been here for a year already? AND I haven't been discovered [despite a little heart attack yesterday when reading in my History log that the sitemeter log brings up the site address that it's providing stats for so I guess the dudes at work haven't bothered to see what I'm checking stats for. Needless to say I'm not checking anything at work anymore] I want to say a personal thanks to Chris because you're the only one that has read me practically every day and I love you for it, even though you are mad ;}. Looking back over where I was a year ago... I've come a long way baby. I've been clean for almost 10 months [that shocks me right there] and managed not to replace pot with booze [she says sipping her vodka har har], have made leaps and bounds in the career department and am about to crack the $60k mark, making slow but steady progress in the relationship department, no progress in the weightloss department but then again I haven't put any effort there despite my best intentions. Still love Survivor [although it shit me to absolute tears that they vote off hottie Aras. boooo! Fuckin vote that psycho Shane off already!!!!]

now playing: Stone Temple Pilots - Core [for all you folks playing at home - title is track 5 Sin]
now reading: Golden Fox - Wilbur Smith [almost finished the Courtneys, on to the egyptian series next]

Friday, May 05, 2006

Tasks for the weekend

I will clean up my desk:

I will not drink too much:

I will not think about sex with Ollie:

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

woe is me with a sprinkling of bitch and moan

Well this is going to be another Ollie inspired, drool covered, slobbery post so feel free to skip it. No alcohol this time [dammit] so it's barely comprehendable. We've been talking a lot this last week and a half. A couple of weeks ago I decided that I was going to stop bugging him and let him contact me first and this last week and a half he's been initiating the conversations. *repeating mantra*

Look it could all be in my befuddled little head. He just makes me feel good. My first reaction upon seeing him was "woah who is THAT!?" The fact that we're so compatible on so many levels, the fact that he's a hotty, extra good sense of humour, witty, super good taste in music, blah de blah drool drool... I'm telling you now that he will be mine. Scary as it seems to me, he will be mine. I'm a patient girl. I like to get what I want. heheh if only I can get over my fear.

What's the worst that could happen huh? I have an 'in' on how to find out if he's staying or going so I'm going to find out soon. If he's going and I spill the beans and I get rejected then that's cool, he's outta here and I never have to see him again. And then you can prepare yourself for a drunken rambling vent. But if he's staying... I might chicken out. no no I can't think like that. I need to be brave and do something about it. Otherwise nothing will happen and a repeat of the whole JDub thing will happen [no word from him since his email either oh well] and I don't want that to happen. I just can't help but feel really highschool about it all. I get that same feeling that I did way back then, y'know the whole nervous stomach, sweaty palms, tongue tied n all. If he makes any reference to frosty beverages on Friday I'll be making some suggestions dammit. Still kicking myself in the ass for that. Hate that sort of hindsight.

Anyway that's enough for tonight, I think you get the point. Like the guy, like him a helluva lot.

still reading: Rage - Wilbur Smith
now playing: Cold - 13 ways to bleed onstage