Friday, January 20, 2006

The eyes have it

You've heard me blather on about how I dig a guy with intense eyes so here forthwith are my top 10 eyes. yep I was bored at work this afternoon with way too much time on my hands and hell it's a pleasure to surf for these pretty boys.

In no particular order:

Jonathan Rhys Meyers [who gets an extra tick for having luscious lips] The man is a master at playing the dark and broody man

of course it would be remiss of me not to have my Sawyer in there, Josh Holloway.

My future husband Billy Zane, who also gets an extra tick for luscious lips

my teen crush, Jonathan Brandis [who I think looks a lot like Jonathan RM] I just remember being seriously mesmerised by his blue blue eyes in the Neverending Story II

ahh Ian Somerhalder. Another Lost fella but I first saw him in a show called Young Americans which only lasted one season. [another man with sexy lips]

Joaquin Phoenix. mmhmmm. I had a thing for his brother River in my teens too. And Corey Haim.

Josh Hartnett of course. I never get tired of looking at him

Elvis/Lisa Marie Presley - love Lisa Marie's eyes. She's got these curiously beautiful sleepy hooded eyes.

JDub *sigh*

Robbie Williams. Cheeky, wicked, sexy, rich, tattoos, broody, what more could you want?

and an honourable mention. Riddick. Not really a person and his eyes are fake.

dammit, now I've gotta wipe the drool off my keyboard ;}

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

this life is more than just a readthrough

What is it about rain that turns drivers in this city into lunatics? Do they think that they won't get their car wet if they drive crazily? On the way home [10 min drive] I was almost involved in two accidents due to other people doing stoopid things. Instant assclown, just add water. We seem to be going through a wet spell which is unreal as I prefer this sort of weather than hell's butt temps of 30+. I got caught in a torrential downpour whilst out for my walk yesterday afternoon. I was at the halfway point which is about 30 mins away from my house and it started bucketing down with no shelter in sight so I got drenched. It was unreal! It was coming down so hard I couldn't see. Love walking in the rain, except for that oh so sexy drowned rat look.

Work is really good at the moment. I've always been blessed to have a great boss until fk of course [see early archives for copious rants on that little fella - fk standing for Fuck Knob of course. all his staff called him that, and still do even though he has left]. And my not so newish boss is just unreal. I tells ya it makes such a difference to have a boss that supports you and the work that you do. Another excellent weekly meeting today and got an extra pat on the back because I managed to save $23k in my budget YAY me!

On the flip side there is a little tension in the office at the moment. As I told you before, Mrs Hollingsworth has left my section much to the relief of my team. It's funny to hear them say that the little dark cloud in the corner has left. And to hear that from the one person I regarded as her crony is refreshing. But she's got a massive bee in her bonnet about my boss. A serious attitude problem and it obviously hasn't been solved by changing sections and the christmas break. No one can work out why because they used to be close friends. I just hope that her new boss with influence her in the right direction and that she can build a bridge and just get over it. It's hard because I am good friends with my boss and I've gotta say that I'm totally on my boss' side with this.

The thing that really gets me with Mrs H is that she is at a professional level where it's expected that she takes responsibility for herself and her work and yet everything is someone else's fault and she's not willing to help herself. She has an extreme victim mentality and while I sympathise with her I just don't understand it. I can see her point of view and how she could regard things in that negative light but at the same time she's not willing to see any other point of view. The book that changed my life advocates the following principles for happiness:

1. Recognise what upsets/stresses you
2. Change the things you can
3. [Positively] Change your attitude if you can't change the situation
4. Exercise
5. Do the things you enjoy.

You'll have to read the book for the full story but those simple steps have totally relieved me of so many stresses in my life. And as someone said to me I dwelt on the negatives a lot in the past. This is Mrs H's biggest problem, she's not willing to get out of her negativity and just seems to want to wallow in it. More than I EVER did. It's sad really but it's not my problem anymore. I'm still going to be pleasant and friendly but I refuse to be drawn into that insidious mindset again.

Still no word from JDub... *sigh*

AND I've gotta charge my camera because I found tropical aquarium nail stickers! Pics soon.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night

I'm really trying not to be so highschool about JDub's email but I just can't help it. I can't wipe the secret smirky smile off my face and people keep asking what's going on with me. Even if nothing ever happens [no reply yet] it's nice to have something to smirk about. Just perks up my world.

I'm working on a post at the moment but you'll have to wait til tomorrow as I'm bloody starving. You know there's something very comforting about having a full fridge and full pantry. Did my big shop and vegie market shop today and my house is so full of food it's not funny. AND not only that but *gasp* healthy food. I know, I know! it's a whole new me ;} Have I mentioned how good this year is so far? ;}

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

but wait there's more

Oh and just to recap on the ole Christmas and New Years stuff. Christmas was a total champagne and eatfest. It was really nice this year. Everyone was in a great mood [maybe it was the champagne for breakfast I dunno] and it was just really enjoyable. New Years... Lets just say that I had a few quiet drinks with my friends Tia and Maria. My only New Years resolutions are:

1. Stop going on blind dates [I actually don't mind them but they just don't seem to work out and it's too... time consuming for want of a better word] I went on a date last week and the guy told me I have "strumpet nails"! Pardon me? Your time is up buddy!

2. [and this one may seem a bit odd but] Pay me a bit more attention. I don't often do things for myself and this year I think I need to and feel like I deserve it. Kinda like making promises to myself and actually keep them.

you missed me didn't you, oh come on I know you did!

ahh long time no writey! I've been enjoying my holidays waaay too much and ignoring you, I'm sorry! News news news!

Today was my first day back at work and boy oh boy was it a good day! Got back to 171 emails, ugh!! Technically I've only been out of the office for 5 days.. geez! And in amongst them was not only an email from Ollie [yay!] but an unexpected email from JDub! He left the organisation in September much to my dismay. This guy is like woah! heheh that's exactly what I said when I first saw him. WOAH who is THAT??! Tick on the intense eyes and tick on the nice mouth ;} and mega tick on the tall with super broad shoulders and dark hair and blue eyes... like I said, just my kind of woah. Anyway in my usual fashion I drooled from afar but someone told him that I liked him and so we chatted a bit, nothing huge just chitchat. So natch I was bummed out when he left as I didn't get a chance to make a move [bok bok teehee] and then today I get an email from him. Just a shortie along the lines of "hey it's JDub, don't know if you remember me [oh as if I could forget him!!] Just thought I'd say hi and see how you're going. speak to you later maybe. JDub" Woah. I've been grinning allll day. So totally out of the blue and boy did it make my day today, I just can't stop smirking. I've started writing a response [I want to write "I'm surprised you remember ME but the insane girly giggling afterwards doesn't quite translate] and trust me I plan on continuing this conversation and perhaps suggest we meet up. brrrr giving myself the willys ;} We'll see eh? I'll keep you posted on the juicy goss.

Bit of drama.. One of my collegue's wife was murdered over the holidays. Very sad. He's such a lovely guy too. They have no idea who did it or why so it's still an open case.

Just on TV for a sec... I've become totally hooked on a whole bunch of crap shows. I can't stop watching Wife Swap, Headlands and Growing up Gotti. Wife Swap is one of those shows that I just can't help watching but sit there cringing all the while. It's so bad but I just can't tear my eyes away and usually end up watching through my fingers. Kinda the same with the Gotti's. or is that the Bratti's. It's just fascinating to watch. And Headlands... well that's really a perve at Rohan Nichols thing...

I've spent most of my holiday in San Andreas. GTA San Andreas. The day I bought it I started playing, then a little while later I was feeling hungry. Looked at the clock and it was 6 hours later!! I'm still totally absorbed and could easily spend the next two weeks playing.

But I have been productive over the hols. Managed to clear out all the rubble in the house and do a bit of painting. Oh I got the bargain of the century on my paint. I decided that I wanted some really good paint so I got Dulux Designer Silk which is normally $67 a tin. Got a few other things and when I got to the checkout and they only charged me a total of $47, the paint scanned in at $4.92!!! It scanned in as Weed n Feed herbicide and the checkout chick didn't even realise. BARGAIN!!

Oh and CG's tip of the year [happy New Year by the way] Frozen Custard! oh YEAH. Got an icecream maker from Santa and they've got this recipe book that is all involving with cream and egg yolks etc but bugger that, custard's the way to go! Makes the yummiest, vanillaiest, creamiest icecream ever. AND it's seriously low fat especially compared to the cream and egg yolky mix. Sooo good! AND not only that but it's the best base for other icecreams - my fave - Christmas pudding icecream. Dammit now I'm hungry ;}

hmmm what else? That'll do you for a while I'm sure. Looks like it's going to be a great year folks. I can't wait!

a quick top 3 for today:
1. unexpected emails from sooper cute guys [eeeeek!]. Not only one but two [double eeeeek!]
2. a great first day back at work [good way to start the working year]
3. getting a deemed leave notification from HR! I have to go on 2 days leave before the 1st of April as I have too much leave! Too easy my HR friends, too easy.

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