Saturday, December 31, 2005

should old acquaintence be forgot

Love this one....

Just wanted to pop in and say that I hope you all had a great Christmas and are gearing up for NYE. I'm on my way out now, bit of a boring one planned but hey, I'm old and boring. It's too bloody hot to do anything too exciting. Fricken 38 degrees today! ugh way too hot! I'll tell you more about everything next year ;} Hope it brings you all that you desire.

[and you'll be happy to hear that I'm being strong and am not smoking at all this evening... as sorely tempted as I am. Just don't want to have to start the count again. 5 months as of last monday - yay me!]

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas trees and holly make everyone so jolly and love just fills the air

Not only do I love Christmas I love all the Christmas email jokes that go round and round. This one is my favourite :]

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

And since we've no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I think I've finally finished my Xmas shopping. I don't understand these people who bitch about loads of people and lines galore... it's called smart shopping! I managed to get it all done over two mornings. I was at the shops at 8:30am and was done in an hour on Monday and 2 hours this morning. Not a lot of people, not a lot of hassle. I love Christmas. I go around humming carols all day, everyone at work seems to have a smile on their face in anticipation of the upcoming days off and every day I get a few more Xmas cards. I got a really beautiful one from one of our suppliers in Russia, might even scan it in to share with you guys. Can't wait for Saturday!

We celebrate Christmas eve and Christmas day. My Dad has only recently started joining us for Christmas so it's nice to have the whole family together again. We get together on Christmas eve, have some nice food - smoked salmon and trout, prawns, salads and lots of yummy nibblies and then open stocking prezzies and watch a movie together.

Then Christmas day we go to my Ma's for breakie - on the menu this year is chocolate Panatone bread and butter pudding, scrabbled eggs with smoked salmon, goats cheese on bagels and coffee and champagne and then we open all the rest of the hoarde of goodies. Then basically lie around all day digesting and snoozing until dins. As you can tell we don't do the traditional Xmas type foods. It's just too bloody hot to have roast bird with roast veg etc so we've made up an Aussie Christmas feast. Mainly seafood [also because me and my brother aren't too fond of Turkey]. I still can't get used to it being so hot at Christmas. I miss the snow and the cold. But we do have Christmas pud.. mmmm brandy butter and brandy cream and brandy icecream... YUM! Then we get together on boxing day to eat all the leftovers!

I only put up my tree yesterday, I've just been so bloody busy. Tis the season after all. It's so pretty. I've picked up my Ma's pedantism with my tree. Hers is silver and purple and mine is silver and red. Funny how we pick up odd things from our parents. Unfortunately His Lordship likes my tree as well. He's been scolded twice for playing with the ornaments but hasn't pulled down the tree yet. It's only a little one, bout 3 foot so it's not too bad if he does. Santa is bringing him a new food bowl and a few mousie treats this year. Not that he deserves it... I put a little fake tan on on the weekend to cut the fluourescent glare of my legs and of course he has to buff my legs whenever I stand still so I have these little light patches on the outsides of my calves where he's rubbed the cream off. Little treasure ;}

My goddaughter started walking on the weekend! I was honoured to be there to witness her first steps so naturally her ma and I grabbed the video camera. She thought it was the best game so kept wanting to walk between us so we got a lot of good footage to send to her dad. She's growing up so quickly and she's making me quite clucky. She's just so cute. I had her on my hip and I was rolling my eyes and she was just fascinated. I wish I could have taken a photo of the look on her face. Just so sweet.

Only 3 more days til I'm on holidays for 2 glorious weeks! It's not going to be a slack 2 weeks either as I've got lots to do. I've got work homework that I want to do. Need to paint the stairwell, finish my kitchen [if I can fricken find a plumber that will come over the xmas period], clean up the spare room. My bro and I are delving into the movie world and are going to start our short film. AND I got season 2, 3 and 4 of Farscape so I've got 66 episodes to watch!! Not to mention that I've finally got eps 6 and 7 of Lost to watch. And I also plan to schedule in a few afternoon siestas in there as well. ohhh I love afternoon snoozes.

Still don't have anything to do for NYE... Ollie left for QLD today as his Mum is up there so he's back on the 7th of Jan. bummer... just have to find something else to do. I'm hoping to catch up with MrP and see what that mob is doing. Just don't want a repeat of the last 2 years.

Top 3:
1 - the power of IT, found a new high scorer [person with the largest GBs of MP3's stored on their computer - today's geezer 35 GB] and scored some excellent music for Lexy [have I mentioned how much I love Lexy?]

2 - new sheets! I got some beautiful sheets of green apple silk embroidered with pink flowers for my birthday and teamed with a violet fitted sheet looks so mad on my bed.

3 - getting $50 off each Farscape boxed set... I've been after them for the last 2 Christmases and this year they're on special so dammit I had to buy them for myself. So much Farscapey goodness, so little time ;}

Now playing: The Streets [beerlairiness teehee]
Now reading: Birds of Prey - Wilbur Smith

Thursday, December 15, 2005

could you crawl into my world and take me worlds away

It's all about me right? ;} Bought myself a little early Xmas prezzie today... it's about as big as the pic too! I'm in love

It's so interesting how momentum works... one thing just leads to another. And all in the right direction folks, it's fascinating. I could be blabbering all night about the small good things. Maybe it's just because I'm on a high that I see it all and am actually paying attention? It's such a nice change, bit of a difference and I can't really explain it all. heheh don't worry I'm not about to start spouting like a evangelist but I guess this is what it feels like to be religious. It's just that positivity is my religion.

Top 3:
1. oh Lexar LDP-200, sweet Lexy goodness. Makes me love music all the more.
2. Public acknowledgement for the work I've done on a long running thorn in my side. Love the 'new broom'. Every meeting is a sweet step to resolving all the problems I've had with this section. It's nice to feel validated for once instead of like I'm whinging. It still astounds me how people can blame others for the asskicking they receive because THEY haven't been doing their work... assclowns :] [oh and I forgot to mention that my section won an award from our CEO for outstanding service at the AGM last Friday, niiiice. Pity I was setting up the Xmas party and couldn't be there but hey the recognition is great!
3. free coffee from my buy 9 coffee's and get your 10th free card

Now reading: While I'm on this whole "new me" revolution I'm reading this interesting book called "Take control of your life". It's like a lightbulb and duh moment at the same time. I feel a bit dumb for not seeing some of the stuff I've been doing but at the same time I feel good that it's being revealed.
Now playing: a massive mega mp3 mix [sweet Lexy]

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

a little bit of resolve

Well I'm back! FINALLY have my phone back on. I've suffered some severe withdrawals.... two whole weeks without the internet. But the sweet techno goodyness is washing over me now, oh yes.

So to catch you up a little... settle in cuz this is going to be a long one [and possibly boring ;} ] MAJOR changes! I went and saw a Cognitive Behaviour therapist and my life has changed. When we last spoke I was at a pretty dark point and a couple of things spurred the changes. Apart from Kiki's death, a couple things that Vittra and Prick said had kinda stuck with me and I had a lightbulb moment chat with my little bro. How he got so smart is just beyond me but we talked for hours and something in my brain just clicked. And now I'm so out of that hole that I'm filling in the dirt so I don't fall back in there. [And just a quick thank you to all the folks who've commented and sent me emails. It's nice to know that there are good people out there.]

I've been dwelling on the negative for far too long and I've learned a couple of techniques to stop that. That's half my problem, I've wanted to change but didn't really know HOW. It's easy for people to judge you and say "just stop" but it's easier said than done. I didn't want to use anti depressants to get there as I don't really believe in a pill to fix the problems because to me it doesn't help 'solve' the underlying issues. So going to the CBT has helped a lot and I only needed one session to learn what I needed to know. The trick is to apply it but I'm doing really well so far. Wanting to change is half the battle. So it's a more positive CG you'll be seeing around these parts. One thing the CBT said was to write down the positives so from now on there'll the the TOP 3. Three top things that have happened in my day. I need to dwell on the positives not the negatives.

So that aside what's been happening... the Xmas spirit is firmly upon us - only 12 days to go. Had Dutch Christmas last Monday which was a serious eat and drinkfest. I'm so lucky I get 2 xmases so nyah nyah! Interesting conversation of the night - worked out I've been in 6 car accidents in my life - only two which I was the driver at fault. Mondo bizzaro. Madly trying to work out when I'm going to be able to fit in the manic Xmas shopping.

We had our massive Xmas work party [which I organise] last Friday. Had 265 people turn up and it was unreal. Got to speak to Ollie for most of the night - yay! I do like him... quite a bit more than I'd like to admit. heheheh there's a Ollie shaped door opened in my heart and I'm more than willing to let him in. Found out that he was almost about to get married about a year ago. Had to smirk to myself that it's nice to know he's the marrying kind. Talked about gothy stuff and absinthe. eheh even taught him some swears in sign language. All in all a really great night. AND I managed to keep my foot out of my mouth for once. I was knacked by the end of it, I'd been going since 10am setting everything up for the 12:30 start and by 11pm at the after after party I was ready to collapse so it was nice to just sit outside and chat with everyone. Had my foot in a bucket of ice which was by far the most excellent thing I've felt in a long time. [did I mention that I've sprained my foot? yeah... excellent timing NOT] Got asked for my phone number by one of the Skilled fellas which was a massive ego boost. And with that, my reign as el presidente comes to a close. We've got a "last day before the xmas hols" bbq next week but that's it my friends. Still dunno what I'm going to do for NYE.

if you've got a sec, check this out. It's mind boggling:

Top 3: [well since it's my first day back lets make it a Top 5]

1. Crusher stopped me in the hallway this morning and told me what a good time he had on Friday's Xmas party and that I'd done a great job.
2. Hearing that Mrs H is going to be moving on to a new section in IT. This is great for my team but more importantly it's fantastic for her as it will mean all new challenges and will get her away from the stress that's in her current job [which has in turn been affecting my team]
3. Candy canes, need I say more?
4. Found porn heaven with two of my favourite stars in a scene together, who would have thought it possible. [I think I'm going to have to rename the laptop to Porn Machine]
5. my new favourite word = assclown ;}

Monday, December 05, 2005

ahoy there!

fear not dear internet I have not dropped off the planet! I've had no phone since last monday as we had a big storm here which ripped out the phone lines and the result has been no phone.. and no internet AAGGGH!!!! And since that storm we've had an even worse one on Friday [a falling branch killed a local man!] so they haven't quite got around to fixing me up... I'm starting to get withdrawals I tells ya! I've got a big post brewing so be prepared for whenever they finally get around to fixing up my phone line [they promised this arvo so we'll see eh?] Just sneaking in from a hidden location and just wanted to check in. Lots of good news to share.