Thursday, September 22, 2005

will I fall again into dismay

I've been in a pretty dark mood lately so I haven't felt like writing or anything else for that matter. Work is sucking quite a lot. Today I found out that the last 4 days of work on a particularly hard risk assessment has been wasted as my big boss didn't read an email attachment received at the beginning of September where the contract had been revised and wiped out the clause that we were concerned with. Meanwhile my other priorties have been on hold because I had to get this fuckin thing done. So now I'm playing catchup. My boss, who knows my massive workload, continues to give me these inane small 'important' jobs that could be handled by another person in my team but no no I've got to type up these fuckin forms. How much more crystal clearer do I have to fuckin make it? Piss off and let me get some work done wouldya? *sigh* Starchild starts on monday. I think the thing that's pissing me off is how much my boss is going on about how great she is blah de blah. I'm trying to keep an open mind but it's not helping. I just don't need this shit right now.

Just wish I could get myself out of this rut, I'm sick of the same old shit all the time. I don't want anything bad to come along to shake my world - something good would be a nice change. Paying attention universe? Good things thanks.


Blogger Rosa said...

when it comes could u spare me a smidgeon of positive change?

September 24, 2005 10:20 pm  

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