Tuesday, September 27, 2005

silence is not the way

Thank dog for bittorrents!! Watched the first episode of the second series of Lost last night - OH MY GOD!! I love this show... have I mentioned that? fuckin DIG it! Can't wait for the next episode. BUT there was no explanation about what happen to the folks on the raft [my Sawyer].

CTG has turned out to be the antithesis of the kinda guy I'm looking for, gee surprise surprise. And I've decided I'm a music snob... he said he likes punk... like Blink 182, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte... and alternative music like Kelly Clarkson!!!! WHAT the FUCK? Sorry but punk is PIL, Buzzcocks, The Cramps, The Damned, Black Flag, The Misfits and of course the Sex Pistols... Kelly Clarkson alternative???? whaaa??? no no no noooooo my eyes ;} laffed so hard at that.

Work sucks as usual, snooty started on monday and has hardly said boo. oh well, whatever. I'm in a bit of a better mood but I'm just sick of feeling so damn frustrated with everything. Work sucks, home sucks so what else is there? Went for an hour and a half walk today, it's the one joy in my life at the moment [apart from M'everlovin Lordship] as I can just escape from everything for a while. And hell it helps with the ole endorphins n fat burning etc. I live near a mini mountain/nature reserve so it's nice to escape for a bit. Can't wait for daylight savings but can do without the heat that comes with it. I'm a winter gal in a big way.

OH! I forgot, I do have something to tell you!! A bit of a mystery really... I've been sent the cutest diamond studded vibrator! I have no idea who it's from as there was no card and it's from my fave porn store http://www.galleryentertainment.com - visit them for all your porn needs ;} Hold on here's a pic:

I rang them up to find out if they'd sent it to me by accident but no. Asked them if they could tell me who paid for it and they said they couldn't tell me so I'm dying to know who sent it to me! I've asked everyone I know and everyone who knows my address but no one has owned up. A lot of people have said what a cool idea and I'm pretty good with the ole bullshit detector so I dunno?? I just want to know who sent it to me so that I can say thanks ;} Is it wierd to name your vibes? heheh vibeS - I'm getting a bit of a collection dangit, I have Frank [a dildo] and Tockley [the jelly vibe] and the new diamond fella is Todger. They've all been presents, what are these people trying to tell me? Too funny ;} Anyway the thing is that whoever sent it to me has to know my address which is not in the phone book so...???? I'm absolutely dying of curiousity. Anyway gotta go... gotta go find some batteries eeeheheheheheheeee

now playing: Bush [the band not mine teehee]
now reading: nothing, I'm between books


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