Sunday, September 11, 2005

I love spring

Have had a me me me weekend. Had a brilliant Ella Bache facial on Saturday thanks to Ms Noo who has just started working there and has already been nominated for the EB Beauty therapist of the year and man can I vouch for that. Sweet girl that she is, if she wins the prize, which is a trip to Paris, she's taking me!! She's K8's soon to be ex flatmate as Ms Noo is moving back with her Ma to save some money. Also found out that K8 isn't able to do my nails anymore as the new salon doesn't do nails so I'm gonna have to find me a new nail girl ;{. Not happy Jan.

It's been raining all weekend which is great because it's filling up the catchments here so hopefully it makes a little difference to the water levels. I love it when it rains as my house has a flat tin roof and the rain is just so soporific. I can't help but stay in bed when it's like that, and hell I had nothing better to do this weekend. But during the quick ray of sunshine that peeked out I snapped these for your viewing pleasure.

blood plum blossoms

crab apple blossoms

green plum blossoms

*sigh* back to to work tomorrow...

Now playing: RatCat [oh man the flashbacks]
Now reading: kinda between books.... re-reading some of Stephen King's short stories - my fave The Mist. Would love to see that as a movie.


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