Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Change in the air [or did you just fart?]

Finally I can sense a bit of change in the air! The trivia night that I've been planning for next friday is finally coming together. Got 60 people booked in with another 40 tentative. Can't fuckin wait! I'm not doing the questions this year so I get to play - my table is going to kick some serious ass! I've got a head full of useless knowledge. AND I'm teamed up with my favourite drinking buddy - we've got 4 hours of free grog to consume so it's gonna be pretty messy. DAMN I can't wait! Not only is it going ahead but I've got my outfit planned already... shoes are mkay but I think I'm going to schedule in a bit of shoe and sexy stocking shopping on the weekend just in case THE pair of shoes jumps out at me. Got my nails appointment next Wednesday with the new girl so they'll be all nice and fresh - might put some decals on. Hair... ah I'll think of something. If only I had a date... oh well can't have everything I guess.

Not only did this all come together today but I've had a few minor wins today at work. Could it be that the tides are achangin? could that be possible? I'm staying optimistic!

I'm gonna steal Kate's thingy [that she stole from Kim - I love those things, sorry people] but I've gotta get an early night cuz I'm just knackered so tomorrow mkay?

now playing: the radio
not reading: can't find anything to read at the moment - hate that as I like to read for a bit before going to sleep. Helps calm my brain down ;}


Blogger Rosa said...

I hope it really is a change for you :D

October 03, 2005 10:08 pm  
Blogger ComplexGirl said...

sending some your way! :]

October 04, 2005 7:54 pm  

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