Thursday, September 15, 2005

aaand we're back! Vanilla vod and old style lemon cordial with hearts and stars ice cubes in hand. Have I ever told you about my ice fetish? I'm a sucker for shaped icecubes... don't ask me why cuz I have nooo idea. I've got more ice cubes in my freezer than food. Just a coupla sips and I've already got the d & m's...

You know it's weird how you have a perception of what you look like, you see yourself in the mirror and that's another perception and when you look at yourself in a photo it's completely different once again. I took a coupla pics of myself as CTG wants a photo in return. My perception and the mirror image I don't like but those few pics... well I'm not that bad! How is it that a photo can capture my good side but what I see everyday is ehhhh? Even though they're okay I think I'm going to wait til tomorrow when I've got a better hair day and not squinting at the fricken flash. But I've surprised myself at how good looking I am :]

He reminds me of someone too... can't quite place him. Like he's someone's brother or something. I wish I could show you what he looks like just for sharing sake but that'd be wrong. Although if you want to email me privately I'll show you ;} The only thing that I can pick about his photo is the lack of lips but he is 'cheeese'ing in the photo so maybe they've just disappeared cuz of that. You know how I like a man with purdy lips. See Hermes' lips for example... reeal purdy. Did I tell you that CTG is a younger man too? only by 2 years but heheh that makes him a toyboy to me mwaahahahahahaaa

Forgot to tell you that I should be getting a new staff member. It's a choice of two people [choice not being made by me by the way] and it's going to be interesting either way. One girl has the personality to fit into the team but her attention to detail ain't the best and the other one has personality up the ass but is a good worker. By the way that my boss was talking I have a feeling that it's going to be the snooty girl. It's going to be very challenging if it is her as the other folks in my team don't really like her and she's not really a team player so we'll see. And her husband who also works in the building is a severe butthead.

Anyhoo I can't sit around drinking and talking to you all night. heheh I might be back, just got something I gotta do so we'll see, might be back and I might not.


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