Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Change in the air [or did you just fart?]

Finally I can sense a bit of change in the air! The trivia night that I've been planning for next friday is finally coming together. Got 60 people booked in with another 40 tentative. Can't fuckin wait! I'm not doing the questions this year so I get to play - my table is going to kick some serious ass! I've got a head full of useless knowledge. AND I'm teamed up with my favourite drinking buddy - we've got 4 hours of free grog to consume so it's gonna be pretty messy. DAMN I can't wait! Not only is it going ahead but I've got my outfit planned already... shoes are mkay but I think I'm going to schedule in a bit of shoe and sexy stocking shopping on the weekend just in case THE pair of shoes jumps out at me. Got my nails appointment next Wednesday with the new girl so they'll be all nice and fresh - might put some decals on. Hair... ah I'll think of something. If only I had a date... oh well can't have everything I guess.

Not only did this all come together today but I've had a few minor wins today at work. Could it be that the tides are achangin? could that be possible? I'm staying optimistic!

I'm gonna steal Kate's thingy [that she stole from Kim - I love those things, sorry people] but I've gotta get an early night cuz I'm just knackered so tomorrow mkay?

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

silence is not the way

Thank dog for bittorrents!! Watched the first episode of the second series of Lost last night - OH MY GOD!! I love this show... have I mentioned that? fuckin DIG it! Can't wait for the next episode. BUT there was no explanation about what happen to the folks on the raft [my Sawyer].

CTG has turned out to be the antithesis of the kinda guy I'm looking for, gee surprise surprise. And I've decided I'm a music snob... he said he likes punk... like Blink 182, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte... and alternative music like Kelly Clarkson!!!! WHAT the FUCK? Sorry but punk is PIL, Buzzcocks, The Cramps, The Damned, Black Flag, The Misfits and of course the Sex Pistols... Kelly Clarkson alternative???? whaaa??? no no no noooooo my eyes ;} laffed so hard at that.

Work sucks as usual, snooty started on monday and has hardly said boo. oh well, whatever. I'm in a bit of a better mood but I'm just sick of feeling so damn frustrated with everything. Work sucks, home sucks so what else is there? Went for an hour and a half walk today, it's the one joy in my life at the moment [apart from M'everlovin Lordship] as I can just escape from everything for a while. And hell it helps with the ole endorphins n fat burning etc. I live near a mini mountain/nature reserve so it's nice to escape for a bit. Can't wait for daylight savings but can do without the heat that comes with it. I'm a winter gal in a big way.

OH! I forgot, I do have something to tell you!! A bit of a mystery really... I've been sent the cutest diamond studded vibrator! I have no idea who it's from as there was no card and it's from my fave porn store - visit them for all your porn needs ;} Hold on here's a pic:

I rang them up to find out if they'd sent it to me by accident but no. Asked them if they could tell me who paid for it and they said they couldn't tell me so I'm dying to know who sent it to me! I've asked everyone I know and everyone who knows my address but no one has owned up. A lot of people have said what a cool idea and I'm pretty good with the ole bullshit detector so I dunno?? I just want to know who sent it to me so that I can say thanks ;} Is it wierd to name your vibes? heheh vibeS - I'm getting a bit of a collection dangit, I have Frank [a dildo] and Tockley [the jelly vibe] and the new diamond fella is Todger. They've all been presents, what are these people trying to tell me? Too funny ;} Anyway the thing is that whoever sent it to me has to know my address which is not in the phone book so...???? I'm absolutely dying of curiousity. Anyway gotta go... gotta go find some batteries eeeheheheheheheeee

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

will I fall again into dismay

I've been in a pretty dark mood lately so I haven't felt like writing or anything else for that matter. Work is sucking quite a lot. Today I found out that the last 4 days of work on a particularly hard risk assessment has been wasted as my big boss didn't read an email attachment received at the beginning of September where the contract had been revised and wiped out the clause that we were concerned with. Meanwhile my other priorties have been on hold because I had to get this fuckin thing done. So now I'm playing catchup. My boss, who knows my massive workload, continues to give me these inane small 'important' jobs that could be handled by another person in my team but no no I've got to type up these fuckin forms. How much more crystal clearer do I have to fuckin make it? Piss off and let me get some work done wouldya? *sigh* Starchild starts on monday. I think the thing that's pissing me off is how much my boss is going on about how great she is blah de blah. I'm trying to keep an open mind but it's not helping. I just don't need this shit right now.

Just wish I could get myself out of this rut, I'm sick of the same old shit all the time. I don't want anything bad to come along to shake my world - something good would be a nice change. Paying attention universe? Good things thanks.

Friday, September 16, 2005


All this talk about internet dating has brought up a date from the past. Was just waiting for the news to come on the tv when I spy the guy who I last had an internet date with on Temptation [revised version of Sale of the Century]!!! He was the carry-over champ from yesterday but lost tonight. Can you say spooky!!! The funny thing is is that he was on Sale of the Century and he reckoned that it was all rigged and that he got jipped on his last night as they were feeding him the answers and he thought they were lying but they weren't! HAHA!

It's been confirmed that snooty girl has won the position at work. yay... I'm sure I'll be bitching about her shortly. :]

Survivor Guatamala starts tonight... have I told you how much I love this show? I just have a deserted island fantasy. Did I ever tell you that I auditioned for the Aussie Survivor? damn funny stuff - I found my audition tape last week and man I'm not surprised they didn't call me up. soooo bad! AND Lost starts next week in the US so thank you bit torrents because I'll be downloading those suckers and I'll probably have watched the whole bloody season before it comes out here. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

aaand we're back! Vanilla vod and old style lemon cordial with hearts and stars ice cubes in hand. Have I ever told you about my ice fetish? I'm a sucker for shaped icecubes... don't ask me why cuz I have nooo idea. I've got more ice cubes in my freezer than food. Just a coupla sips and I've already got the d & m's...

You know it's weird how you have a perception of what you look like, you see yourself in the mirror and that's another perception and when you look at yourself in a photo it's completely different once again. I took a coupla pics of myself as CTG wants a photo in return. My perception and the mirror image I don't like but those few pics... well I'm not that bad! How is it that a photo can capture my good side but what I see everyday is ehhhh? Even though they're okay I think I'm going to wait til tomorrow when I've got a better hair day and not squinting at the fricken flash. But I've surprised myself at how good looking I am :]

He reminds me of someone too... can't quite place him. Like he's someone's brother or something. I wish I could show you what he looks like just for sharing sake but that'd be wrong. Although if you want to email me privately I'll show you ;} The only thing that I can pick about his photo is the lack of lips but he is 'cheeese'ing in the photo so maybe they've just disappeared cuz of that. You know how I like a man with purdy lips. See Hermes' lips for example... reeal purdy. Did I tell you that CTG is a younger man too? only by 2 years but heheh that makes him a toyboy to me mwaahahahahahaaa

Forgot to tell you that I should be getting a new staff member. It's a choice of two people [choice not being made by me by the way] and it's going to be interesting either way. One girl has the personality to fit into the team but her attention to detail ain't the best and the other one has personality up the ass but is a good worker. By the way that my boss was talking I have a feeling that it's going to be the snooty girl. It's going to be very challenging if it is her as the other folks in my team don't really like her and she's not really a team player so we'll see. And her husband who also works in the building is a severe butthead.

Anyhoo I can't sit around drinking and talking to you all night. heheh I might be back, just got something I gotta do so we'll see, might be back and I might not.

I've got nothing left to lose

Got my reply from CTG. Not quite sure what to make of him but hell I'll give him a go. You never know til you meet. It all depends on chemistry to me, you can have the most excellent email conversations and really get on well but then when you meet face to face it's a bit... ohhhh. He's cute but I don't think I'm his cup of tea. heheh he looks like a barbie girl man. We'll see eh? I shouldn't be so judgmental.

I'm really in the mood to drink up a storm. If I didn't have my crack of dawn nail appointment I probably would. There's always the alarm.... OK you convinced me... I'll be back in a sec

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

don't need to see that ugly thing, I know it's me you fear

I'm finding it really hard to muster up a carefactor above a chilly minus 40 for anything these days. It's taking me 3 coffees in the morning to warm up the carefactor. I really don't know what my problem is. I think I'm just bored. Bored out of my fuckin skull. I guess that's one thing that pot did for me, filled in the tedious hours of boredom by switching off my brain so that I just didn't notice it. But that's avoidance and not dealing with the problem. It's not like I don't have things to do but I just couldn't be bothered. Carefactor 0. No motivation.

A friend of mine reckons that it's because I have no passion in my life at the moment. No passion romantically/sexually or work/life wise. True but how do you change that? I'm in a catch 22 situation where I want sex so badly it's just not funny but if the situation presented itself I'd probably run a mile because I can't even stand looking at my body in the mirror so how is ANY guy going to even be remotely attracted to me. Work wise I just don't give a shit about my current job but what I really want to do I can't because I need to be able to pay myself a salary and I can't figure out a way to make it work. So I'm stuck there as I've gotta pay the bills and the mortgage. I'm the sort of person that believes in 'if you don't like it, fix it' but I can see now how sometimes that's just not possible. I'm just so unsatisfied in all respects but I don't know what to do about it. so once again bitch and moan, bitch and moan... borrrring! ;}

heheh but on a positive note, I've found a new nailgirly. I've got an appointment at 7:45AM on Friday... should be blogable because she sounded a bit... interesting.

And no word from CTG yet... no doubt I've scared the poor fella off. And saw my paperboy this afternoon. Damn he's tall and cute as well, had a little daydream that CTG turned out to be him. I wish!

I've also got some more very cool spring pics for ya but my camera battery died in the ass so I'll post them tomorrow.

And speaking of ass, stumbled my way onto the first porn blog I've seen on blogspot. Pornfans direct your browsers to It would be remiss of me not to share free porn

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Okay tis sent... I feel all gigglyschoolgirly all of a sudden :] Geez I can crap on about nothing too well for my liking. I'll be back later as I really need to get more work done before I play on here again. hopefully I'll have more to report later eeeheheheheheheheheheeeeee
Working from home today... soooo good! Nice and quiet, good espresso coffee on tap *sigh*

Oh man I'm gonna have to make a confession here only because I need to share. I've had a profile on an internet dating site for egads.. years now. I kinda stayed away from it for a while because I just found it all so depressing. I've left my profile on there because I'm an optimist and ya just never know if someone interesting will cross your path but I kinda forgot about it for a while. I've been on some really cool dates and some really crappy dates... actually now that I think of it I think I've already told you about some of this before, can't remember.

Anyway, just out of boredom and curiousity I logged in last night for the first time in about a year and a half and my profile is still active. Apparently when you log in it brings your profile to the top of the pile and I got a 'kiss' this morning. From a really cool guy. A really cool TALL guy, SHOCK who would have thought that there is actually one of them around here! The funny thing is that when I was surfing the site last night I came across 3 fellas that I know in real life. 2 had complete bullshit profiles and the other was quite truthful. Now I know that people aren't exactly honest on these sorts of sites and in fact I have one very honest profile and one sorta honest profile. It's not that I've lied on the sorta profile... just haven't told the whole truth. CTG [cool tall guy] wrote to my very honest profile which is making me have butterflies. I haven't been on a date for about a year and in fact the last date was one of the best I've ever been on - pity the guy turned out to be a bozo in the end but you get that.

So for the sake of having something to blog about other than whinging I've replied to him and I've got his email address and I'm gonna write him something. I'm just so bad at writing these things cuz I have serious verbal diarhoea, as you know, and I don't want to just shit all over him. oh we'll see, I'm sure the right words will come to me.

I'm not expecting anything to happen but you've gotta be in it to win it. If it turns out that he's a butthead then I'll just chalk it up to experience and move on. I'm just sick of being lonely so I'm putting myself out there again even if it is internet dating. Who knows eh? My best mate who got married in May [the first one] met her husband on the same internet dating site so it is possible. I've just gotta get that dating momentum back in swing. I'll keep ya posted.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

I love spring

Have had a me me me weekend. Had a brilliant Ella Bache facial on Saturday thanks to Ms Noo who has just started working there and has already been nominated for the EB Beauty therapist of the year and man can I vouch for that. Sweet girl that she is, if she wins the prize, which is a trip to Paris, she's taking me!! She's K8's soon to be ex flatmate as Ms Noo is moving back with her Ma to save some money. Also found out that K8 isn't able to do my nails anymore as the new salon doesn't do nails so I'm gonna have to find me a new nail girl ;{. Not happy Jan.

It's been raining all weekend which is great because it's filling up the catchments here so hopefully it makes a little difference to the water levels. I love it when it rains as my house has a flat tin roof and the rain is just so soporific. I can't help but stay in bed when it's like that, and hell I had nothing better to do this weekend. But during the quick ray of sunshine that peeked out I snapped these for your viewing pleasure.

blood plum blossoms

crab apple blossoms

green plum blossoms

*sigh* back to to work tomorrow...

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Friday, September 09, 2005

Kom saam met mij

Another hideous week over with... the theme of this week has been "why does it have to be so fuckin difficult???" But I'm not going bore you with the whiny details. There's only so much I can whine before I'm even bored with myself. I'm pretty much off my tits right now so even I don't care. Had a bit of an extended arvo at the pub so if this is all incoherent then deal with it heheh Currently drinking vanilla vodka with triple sec and old style lemon cordial. Not bad and quite knockbackable. it's either that or plonko reddo and I'm not in the mood for opening a bottle... just need something to top it all off nicely.

Anyway it was my one month anniversary of not smoking pot this week. Haven't been this straight in years and in a way I feel really boring but it's probably just my warped perception of myself once again. The main differences I'm finding are that I feel more tired than I did when I was smoking which is a bit odd and the fricken dreams that are coming out... woah... really odd shit even for me who dreams so vividly anyway. I guess it's just my suppressed subconcious finally freed. Who knows.

Had a dream about my ex, asshole1, last night and of course I've been thinking about him all day. He was my first real serious boyfriend. In the dream we were sitting on a bed and he was showing me his new tattoos [he had 2 at the time when we went out] which were pretty cool [I like tattoos] and I was scratching his back and giving him a head massage which he used to love. Woke up from the dream just yearning for a relationship again. While he sucked towards the end of our relationship while we went out he was gold. I've still got some of the love letters he wrote to me. He was a writer [and a singer] and of course he had a way with words.... I'm half tempted to reread his letters with the mood I'm in right now. heheh I know I'll just end up crying so I'll save myself the heartache.

I was reading someones blog today and they had this quote:

"We come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."

That kinda summed up our relationship. He persued me and made me love him. He looked at me with such adoration it scared me in the begining. But he persisted and wore me down and in the end I was hopelessly in love with me and then he ditched me and pulverised my heart with cruelties. But when I think about the relationship I want, I can't help but want the emotional intensity of him combined with the sexual intensity of asshole2. asshole1 was the only guy I ever felt like we 'made love' though. Man I hate those words... it's the equivalent of the word cunt for some people. Cunt doesn't bother me but 'making love' and panties do. It's mostly sex to me which is cool but I think that 'making love is just so corny and it's rare. Panties... I just dunno... the word bugs me for some reason I can't really put into coherent words.

anyway asshole1, as fucked up as he was, was always so sweet to me until the end. I'm cursed with a weird kind of foresight where I can tell when a relationship I'm in is going to end. I knew about a month or so before that he was going to call it off. He was no perfect man but boy did I love him. Physically he was no pretty boy and he was way shorter than me but I just didn't see any of that. He was smart and funny and he wrote me love letters. Dammit I know I'm going to read those fuckers by the end of the night I just know it. Maybe I just need to excise that demon at the moment. I haven't really thought about him since the last time we spoke about him and the last time I saw him was about 4 or 5 years ago when he came over for... some reason I forget now. I've actually still got some of his cds so I should drop them off to his godson's parents who live up the road from me. That's one thing I always loved about him too. His dedication to his godchild. It made me want to be a godparent as well and now that I am I understand his devotion. I think I just want to make contact with him again for whatever reason.

My favourite dream interp site says this about ex-boyfriends:

To see an old ex-boyfriend from childhood in your dream, refers to a freer, less encumbered relationship. The dream servers to bring you back to a time where the responsibilities of adulthood (or marriage) didn't interfere with the spontaneity of romance. You need to recapture the excitement, freedom, and vitality of youth that is lacking in your present relationship.

yeah no shit.

I've been dreaming about travelling again too. I'd really like to just sell my house and just fuck off somewhere. Wouldn't mind going around Oz as I've only really seen a few places compared to the rest of the world that I've seen. heheh I'm coming up to long service leave [gasp!] so we'll see eh?

anyway I dunno where all this is leading and I'm too smashed right now to care or write more. To sum up, I think I just need some sort of deus ex machina at the moment...


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

wanton perving

Go and vote for my future husband in the Cleo Bachelor of the year:

Do it or I'll start posting shirtless pics of him until you do...

CG Hemsworth has such a nice ring to it don'tcha think?

Wish I could wash it away

It's official, we're fucked. Between global warming, pollution and the melting icecaps, the endangered species list expanding at a huge rate, increasing poverty, deforestation of the earth's 'lungs' - the forests, droughts, the oil prices going through the roof, weather wars, governments with secret agendas... I don't know what to believe in anymore. I can't ignore this stuff and I'm starting to feel guilty for living a good life when so many people are suffering. I try to do what I can when I can but I know that in the grand scheme of things it means squat and it's only really to ease my conscience. I could turn a blind eye and just focus on my little realm of things but then I'm no better than the perpetrators of these heinous crimes. It's just a matter of time before all of this shit comes to a head and the earth is annihilated in one form or another. If it's not due to religious warfare/terrorism unleashing some serious nuclear/chemical warfare then it will be our own planet rebelling at the raping that it's received. It's not so much an 'if' anymore but a 'when'. I'm half wondering if I should bother having children considering the world that I'll be bringing them into. Why inflict them with that torture? What's the fucking point? I sat and wept for an hour last night while watching an SBS documentary about the Beslan anniversary. I know I shouldn't watch these things but I just can't help it. Most of these kids died just for going to school.

I'm in a bad mood, can you tell?

Monday, September 05, 2005

sandwich musings

Had a really nice lazy weekend for once. Spent most of Saturday in bed reading... have I mentioned that I love my bed? Had a weird Father's Day but I won't go into that just now.

I'm not going to go on about the tradgedy that is unfolding in New Orleans but to make one more observation. Watching the news this morning the US president has been quoted as saying that the aid effort is "unacceptable".. well duh!? One question for you Mr President.... If you warned the citizens to leave and knew that the hurricane was on the way then why wasn't the food, water and aid at the ready once the hurricane was over instead of a belated 5 days later? Hope you get your ass impeached buddy cuz there's a lot of very angry people out there.

Made a donation to the Red Cross on Friday. I just wish it could make a difference to all the refugees who have lost friends, family and pets, who have no homes, no jobs and a very uncertain future, wish I could do more than just donate money and talk about it.

this guy kinda sums it all up for me: Stonefruit

Went to do a bit of lunchtime blog reading and it appears that Madman's blog has disappeared. So I googled it and rumour has it that someone has published his personal details and he could possibly be fired... what is going on? is it full moon or something because everything seems to be going haywire today...

Friday, September 02, 2005

nothing going's to change this time

What is it about music cranked to the max that makes you feel better. I'm sitting here with the music absolutely blasting from my computer, singing my lungs out and DAMN do I feel good. The week is finally over and I've got 2 whole days of bliss to look forward to. And I've had a coupla wines but that's beside the point ;}

A lot of the blogs I've read today are expressing their disbelief in the ineptitude of the US president and his lack of aid to the New Orleans community in their time of need. One that sums it up so nicely is [of course] The Dive Bar Verses. What I want to know is why these people who were caught in the storm didn't get the fuck outta there? I mean we here in Australia got news of the storm warnings 2 days before the storm so I just don't get it. The only thing that I can think of [and which seems to be a recurring thread in peoples posts regarding the refugees] is that they were the poor folks. But even so wouldn't you get the fuck outta dodge if you'd been warned? I'd be walking if I had no transport. I don't mean to judge these people and man I wish them well because it's not like they're getting much help from their own. It seems like their "leadership" seems to be letting them down in a BIG way. I mean they're fundraising to help out the refugees... uhhh I guess all of the governmental funds have been spent on invading a middle eastern country so they've got nothing left of their own people... mkay... whatever. I'm not a George Douchebag Bush fan and I can't understand how he got elected for a second term but I'm sure the country will sigh a huge sigh of relief when his time is up. Pisses me off that our Prime Minister keeps licking his asshole but don't get me started on politics. I'm sure he'll go down as the fuckin worst president ever in the history of the United States of America

Speaking of which, the US not the president, my best mate reminded me of a pact we made when we were in high school. This my oldest and dearest friend [the one person I've known the longest apart from my family] whom I love to bits. We were going to buy an old winnebago and drive around the States. I'd really love to do that but at the same time the idea scares the fuck outta me. I think we had a romantic idea of the trip but in reality I don't think it would live up to our expectations. I'd still love to do it and meet some of the people I know via email. I'd love to meet David who I've been chatting with for almost 8 years now. He's in Tulsa [Hi David!] and man I'd love to meet him just to slap him upside the head for being such a dick :]. I think KittyKat and I both have Stephen Kinglike visions of the quiet closeknit towns. I'd love to see the bible belt... but for about 2 seconds as we're speeding past because I don't think I could hack that overly religious shit. I'd really like to spin people out with our Aussie accents. Just shit like that. Who knows... appearing at a town near you... CG and the amazing KittyKat ;} I've already threatened atoep with a serious beery session with him, TBC and his sister. I can see it ending messily ;} I'd really like to see Montana and the woods there, Seattle [oh the birthplace of grunge... I'm such a grunge girl], would have to see New York for touristy reasons, Texas to see where Dangerous Toys came from [ten boots arollen and arocken] and too look in the mirror at Kate, and of course Tennessee to find my redneck Sawyerman.

You know I was going to bitch about the price of petrol but after blogreading today I realise I have nothing to bitch about. The price here has risen about 30 cents to $1.30 but that's really only US$1.70 compared to what the US is paying something like $2.60 a gallon... fuck that, I'd be walking...

And while we're drinking together can I recommend a good plonko reddo? Stepping Stone by Stonehaven. A lovely Coonawarra Cab Sav 2002, quite quaffable.

AND a movie that's fast making it into my top 10. Dirty Deeds. The quintessential Aussie movie. Damn it's just so typically 60's Australian. Love Bryan Brown and Sam Worthington in it. You MUST see it if you haven't already. In fact I'm going to go and watch it again now. [bibs and bobs all over the shop haha!]

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still reading: Angels and Demons - Dan Brown [guess I can't blame the dream about being in a vampire computer game last night on reading his book now can I... I really worry about what comes out of my brain sometimes. Kate Beckinsale featured this time]

lunchtime funny

Oh man I laughed at that... nearly spat my sambo out

Thursday, September 01, 2005

I see you baby...

Another nightmare of a day over with. I couldn't work out what day it was this morning when I woke up. Really had to think about it for a sec. I had a dream about Andrew G and me drinking caramel vodka shots in Greece just before I woke up. Got me all disorientated. Also kept dreaming about the pope and the church but I blame reading Angels and Demons before sleeping. Interesting book and I'm getting suckered in, the Illuminati have always fascinated me. I've got an early night planned so that I can read. I'm just so damn tired at the moment. I haven't slept well since Mum cracked her hip so I'll be scheduling in some quality sleeping time this weekend. I've just got so much work to do and it's getting a bit overwhelming. At least I've finally had a bit of recognition of my huge workload from my new boss which is a bit of a relief. It's just so frustrating because I want to do everything at once as it's all stuff that's gotta get done pronto. It just seems like time is speeding up, the days are flying past. Another week almost over. Fuck it's spring today, who snuck that up on me?? 2 and a bit months til my fricken birthday. 3 and a bit months til Xmas and New Years. *sigh* Not looking forward to any of them... okay maybe Xmas as that's always good.

Had my lucky 1000th blog visitor and the winner is TBC! you win uhhh my undying gratitude? ;} AND my wish came true, got my Tennessee visitor... niiiiice :]

Question of the day: You know when it's cold enough to see your breath - if you fart would you see that too?

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